My name is Anmol Poptani Digital Marketing Professional

For over 5 Years , I have worked with more than 70 Different clients from different industries and have helped them grow their business. 

Top Clients :

I have been working more than 5 years in Digital Marketing Industry, and have helped 100+ companies to grow their business online.

Anmol Poptani -

About Me

I have been saving junk mail since the age of 14. I’d watch TV or Stream YouTube, waiting for the commercials ,because to me marketing and sales were the real entertainment. Despite my young age, I opted in to every business opportunity offer I could find, simply to study the art and science of Sales & Marketing.

I Own Kafee Social, a digital marketing agency based out of Raipur Chhattisgarh, where some of the best SEO Strategists work together to drive results.

Years of Experience


My Experience

I Have learnt from my Experience in Family Businesses and Accounting that Data is everything. This is what most of the marketing and Sales people miss out on. I simply thrive on Data and Drive results according to what the data suggests. 

Data being the deciding factor of driving people to my funnels. I strategize in something called a Sales Funnel which is Designed to Increase Average Cart Value (ACV) and Life Time Value (LTV) of Customers which in Result Gives me and my clients a greater Return on Investments (ROI )


Facebook Ads and SEO Professional

After the Lock Down it Dawned on me that I must become a T Shaped Marketer and started to Dwell on the skills that Were really interesting for me like Facebook ads, SEO and Other Technical Services. 


Kafee Social

After Completing my college I Immidietaly started my own Digital Marketing Agency , Kafee Social and Started Providing Social Media Services to my Clients and Later on added more services like Web development and SEO. 


Senior Digital Marketing

I worked as the Senior digital Marketer at Strategy AZ based from Raipur . I handles 4 Brands under me and Pitched ideas with clients and Team about the future of Clients Business and how we can boost their Sales. 


Digital Marketing Intern

After being Shot down by two Digital Marketing Agencies for the lack of knowledge about Digital Marketing . I dusted myself up and Learnt everything I could about Digital Marketing and Finally landed an internship at Basket Option Pvt Ltd and was assigned a Task to get their First batch of Entrepreneurs Training Program Rolling. 


Accounting Intern

Data is Everything in Accounting and any anomaly is Monitored very closely . That’s what I learnt from accounting Which have helped me greatly in Analyzing data on Internet.

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I Would love to recommend you some Digital Marketing Resources that might help you. 

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